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On occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Society of Social Psychiatry & Mental Health in Greece, Asklepios Foundation organized its first International Conference in Athens in June 2006, on the topic “Social Inclusion in Europe: Perspectives and Developments in Social Psychiatry, Care for the Mentally Handicapped and the Elderly”. 


In April 2011 the second conference of Asklepios “Does Europe Care” was organised, in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam. Governments and care providers in Europe are currently facing the challenge to secure the accessibility, affordable cost level and quality of long term care for an ever more diverse population. What can we as Europeans learn from each other’s strategies to sustain the delivery of high quality long term care for a growing population of care demanders? What may countries learn from each other’s approaches to deal with increasing diversity within the care population? What are the implications of shifts in care responsibility for the quality and continuity of long term care? Would it be good to develop a shared European approach to the issue of diversity in long term care? These questions are the focus of this International Care Conference, providing good opportunities for participants to get acquainted with innovative ideas.   


MENTAL HEALTH IN POLAND. On the 6th of November 2014 a delegation from Foundation Asklepios/EHMA participated in the conference “Support System for People with Mental Disorders” in Lublin, Poland. Five members of the board of Asklepios were moderators in workshops, and Anders Wahlstedt also gave a lecture on current trends of building structures of mental health protection. About 100 delegates from different parts of Poland were present and listened to several interesting lectures and took part in engaging and inspiring workshops. Lublin is very active in systems building and service deliveries to people with mental help disorders, and Barbara Imiolcyk and Artur Kochanski gave two inspiring lectures regarding their work. The delegation from Asklepios, Marcel Carpay, Athena Frangouli, Barry Lyden, Vegard Ø. Haaland and Anders Wahlstedt, were honored to be asked to participate, and had the feeling of being part of an important event.




Membership of and cooperation with EHMA 

In 2010 Asklepios became member of the European Health Management Association EHMA. At the moment a plan for cooperation, for the benefit of both organisations, is under construction.

Asklepios is especially interested in taking a central role within the Mental Health System Network (MHSN) that was set up by EHMA. This Network operates very close to the objectives of Asklepios Foundation. In November 2012 the network organised, in partnership with Maudsley International, foundation Asklepios and local frontrunner SÅ‚awomir Murawiec a working conference on community based care services in Poland, hosted by the Polish Ministry of Health. The conference provided an opportunity to exchange ideas for developments and improvements in Polish mental health care, and to consider possible applications of community based services and related lessons around managing change through effective stakeholder engagement. The envisioned outcome was an action plan to take forward priority objectives and to identify support available. 


Support program for Greece

Since the economic crisis in Greece the health care in that country is under pressure. Especially the Mental Health care has to cope with many problems. The development of Social psychiatry has stopped and there is a great risk that the results that were achieved in the last decades would be undone.

To show its commitment with Greece and the Greek people, Asklepios organises a support program for its Greek member, the Society of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health. This program started in Spring 2012 with a support meeting in Athens, and is still continuing. In November 2012 a second support meeting was organised and during that meeting the creation of an advisory committee was proposed. That committee should be a platform for financial and mental health structures so members of it have to represent a mixture of economists, mental health professionals, managers, representatives of government and politicians. In the meantime this advisory committee is installed.

Furthermore consultation of the Task Force for Greece from the European Union and the Dutch ambassador in Athens has taken place.

In November 2013, the day before the international board meeting of Asklepios in Athens, a kick off meeting on Management Development will take place. During this meeting a Norwegian and Dutch CEO will bring over concrete ideas of support in strategic and management developments and give advice for the policy for the next 10 years.





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