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 How the foundation operates

Industriele werkplaatsThe board meets at least twice a year to discuss plans for the coming year. The board discusses exchange projects between member organisations, research projects that have been submitted and calls for grants. Furthermore, it prepares subsidy applications.
Bilateral contacts between member organisations are stimulated and supported by the foundation in many different ways. One way of getting to know each other better is to rotate the location of the board meeting. In this way each member organisation not only gets the chance to host the board meeting but also to present its organisation and organise a tour of its facilities.
The foundation aims at organising regularly an international (European) conference for health care workers.
Asklepios’ activities are funded by annual membership fees and European subsidies.
A chairman is appointed for four years. Since June 2015 David Brown (United Kingdom) is chairman.
Since 2011 Asklepios is member of the European Health Management Association EHMA.

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