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 Annual reports

Annual report Foundation Asklepios 2014

2014 has been a year with different challenges for Foundation Asklepios. The membership in EHMA has resulted in Asklepios being de facto responsible for the mental health network within EHMA. The first visible sign of this was the pre conference seminar on global mental health that was held at the EHMA annual conference in Birmingham in June. The seminar was a success, very much because we had excellent presentations, delivered by very senior researchers and lecturers. It is fair to send special thanks to professor David Prince and Dr Karen Newbigging who both very kindly spent their time with us.

The membership situation has been challenging. In the end of the year GGz inGeest decided to leave Asklepios. This is a loss that especially the Dutch members have to work on. E. Damen of Cordaan has already started that work in direct talks to the board members of GGz inGeest, but at the moment we don’t know the result of this. Board members of Asklepios have been suggesting new members, but so far we haven’t succeeded in recruiting new members. The president has been in contact with the mental hospital in Archangelsk (Russia), Kristiansand town, and our hosts in Poland. Arthur Kochart on Lublin has expressed an interest in becoming a member with the NGO that he is leading. This is a thing that should be discussed in the coming board meeting. The hospital in Archangelsk is interested, in principle, but does not have the necessary funding. Kristiansand town might be interested, but that needs more communication before we can conclude. It would be interesting to have them as a member as they are an essential part of the service deliveries towards a big part of the population of Sørlandet Sykehus. They would also bring in a focus on the care of elderly that, especially Cordaan, has been asking for. Our Greek member has suggested German organizations but so far we haven’t decided on which to go forward with.


Board meetings

There have been three board meetings in 2014. In February the meeting was held in Norway, without a seminar connected to it. This was because the meeting was also planned as a team-building event where the Norwegian winter facilities were used as an arena. The board meeting, in a cabin in the mountains went well. So did the skiing and social activities. We had the pleasure of congratulating A. Thomassen on his birthday during our meeting. The minutes of the meeting give the full picture of the actual board discussions.

In June there was a board meeting in connection to the seminar at the EHMA annual conference. The seminar itself, the connection to EHMA, and international collaboration were the main issues. The minutes give the full picture here as well.

In October the third meeting was held in Amsterdam. A seminar on learning disabilities and mental disorders was given in direct connection to the board meeting. The seminar was a success, both the invited speakers from outside Asklepios and our own members gave very nice presentations that gave room for valuable reflections. It was suggested to bring in a student to write a report at our next seminar. As always, Cordaan was a perfect host.



Two successful seminars have been held within this period. In Geel the focus was on Crisis Resolution. The participants found it very relevant and inspiring. In Amsterdam the focus was on the care of elderly. Again the participants were very satisfied.


International support

SSP&MH are running a managerial training program. Members of the Asklepios board are taking part in the program. In November D. Brown and M. Carpay were presenting there. And M. Carpay and E. Damen were presenting in a seminar on the psychiatric reform in Greece that was held in connection to the managerial training. In November a team from Asklepios, M. Carpay, A. Frangouli, B. Lyden, V. Haaland and A. Wahlstedt, were presenters at a seminar on mental health systems in Lublin, Poland. The seminar had about 100 participants from different parts of Poland, and the arrangement committee from Lublin was very happy with the participation from Asklepios.


Professional exchanges

Sørlandet Sykehus was visiting Lievegoed Zorggroep with 15 staff members. E. Damen and two staff members have been visiting the organization of D. Brown, and D. Brown with staff members have been visiting Cordaan. These visits have been on executive level especially designed as sharing and learning possibilities. Greek staff members have been given the opportunity to work at Blyth Star. The two first decided to stay in England for further education, but new staff members are coming.



Annual report Foundation Asklepios
2012 and Spring 2013

The activities in Foundation Asklepios during 2012 and the first part of 2013 have for a big part been related to the difficult situation in Greece. The EHMA membership has also been central, and two board members engaged in a seminar in Poland, together with staff from Maudsley International and in cooperation with EHMA. Following a nomination by Asklepios members, Anders Wahlstedt was elected to the board of EHMA at the General Assemblee in June 2012. Two board meetings were held in combination with a seminar or a conference.


Board meetings

The first board meeting of the year was held in Geel, Belgium, on the 3rd of February. The main issues discussed apart from finances etc, was the involvement in a Polish project initiated by EHMA, and the financial situation in Greece. Two board members reported that the EHMA network on mental health was worth attending. The plans for 2012 and the start of 2013 were decided.

The second board meeting was held in Bern, Switzerland, on the 13th of June. The main issue in the meeting was the situation in Greece. Our Greek and Dutch members had arranged a support meeting in April, and the board got a report from that. The discussion focussed on how Asklepios could help. It was decided to arrange another support meeting in Athens and to discuss with EHMA in which ways they can support our efforts. In 2013 there has been one board meeting, on the 18th of January in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Again the Greek situation was the main issue and the efforts to work with the Europeans Commissions Task Force for Greece were supported by the board. It was also decided to have a board meeting in Athens at the end of September 2013. The work within EHMA was also discussed, and it was decided to let some more time pass, but the experiences with the Polish seminar were not very encouraging.



Two successful seminars have been held within this period. In Geel the focus was on Crisis Resolution. The participants found it very relevant and inspiring. In Amsterdam the focus was on the care of elderly. Again the participants were very satisfied.


The Greek Situation

Two support meetings were held in 2012. Both were successful, meaning that our Greek members found them very supportive and helpful. As a result of these activities, Asplepios contacted the European commissions Task Force for Greece. Eelco Damen, Marcel Carpay and Anders Wahlstedt met with a representative of the Task Force on the of April 2013. Our suggestion of creating an international advisory committee was met with interest and our delegation got useful contact suggestions. It was made clear however, that the initiative must come from Greece officials. The meeting has been followed up by different contacts with the Task Force, WHO and the Dutch ambassador of Greece. So far we have met positive interest, but haven’t got a substantial break through.


The Polish seminar

David Brown and Marcel Carpay have been working with a case of supporting Polish mental health services. The work has been in collaboration with EHMA and Maudsley international. David and Marcel reported that it was quite difficult to find out how to work on this case. The final result was a seminar that was held in June in Warsaw. The experiences during this work calls for more discussion within Asklepios, regarding our taking part in such events.


Staff exchange

Lievegoed Zorggroep was visited two times by delegations from Sørlandet hospital, 24 participants in all. The purpose of the visits was to make acquaintance with the antroposofic psychiatric and addiction treatment of Lievegood. Several sites were visited and two seminars were held on system therapy and mentalization based treatment.

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